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Are you looking for genuine connection and companionship from the comfort of your own home? Our phone companionship service offers friendly conversations that will make you feel heard, valued, and uplifted.


A Friendly Phone
Calling Service

A phone companionship company that offers subscription-based services provides its subscribers with a dedicated companion who will call them regularly to chat and provide emotional support. These companions may offer advice, listen to personal stories, and engage in friendly conversation with the subscriber.

Comforting Conversations packages

The “Drop-In Plan”

$149.99 /Month
This plan includes:

A subscription to a 30-minute session of conversation once a week for a month.

The “Weekly Recap”

$298.99 /Month
This plan includes:

A subscription to a 1-hour session of conversation once a week for a month.

The “Let’s Connect”

$539.98 /Month
This plan includes:

A subscription to two 1-hour sessions of conversation each week for a month.

Check out our non-subscription option for 30 minutes

$39.98 /30 minutes
This plan includes:

One-time 30 minute session of conversation for $39.98

Check out our non-subscription option for 1-hour

$79.98 /Hour
This plan includes:

One-time 1-hour session of conversation for $79.98


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